Dr. Plentl began working in the chiropractic profession at the age of 18. Throughout those years she developed a profound passion for seeing people heal and thrive through chiropractic care. (See more about her background in the “About Dr. Jill” tab). She began dreaming of her future practice while studying to become a doctor. As she envisioned every detail of how she could offer hope to her community through healthcare, it became clear that her practice needed to be called “Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center.” No other name would fit! And so, with a name, a passion, and a vision, she continued to plan her future practice as she perfected her art, science, and understanding of chiropractic care and the human body.

After graduating from chiropractic school, Dr. Jill began growing her practice through house-calls and office visits, as she was preparing for the birth of her first child, Charlie. Soon Charlie was born and she put her feet to the pavement, beginning the office she had been dreaming about for years. Hope Chiropractic opened officially in 2014, in Colleyville, Texas.

Now, in Hurst, Texas, Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center has become a resource for the community. We have monthly Wellness Workshops, a monthly Mom’s Group, regular patient dinners, lots of healthy, smiling families, and more! We are thrilled to be where we are, and to be continually looking ahead to how we can further serve our community – to be a light and a beacon of HOPE!