Office Coordinator
Patient Liasion
Designer & Photographer

Vicky runs and manages our entire front office, including appointments, payments, scheduling, office flow, and procedures. Her expertise has transformed Hope Chiropractic into an efficient, organized, patient-centered office! She has an extensive background in banking, customer service, and management.

She is a mother and wife, and an incredibly talented professional photographer. She utilizes a lifestyle approach to her photography; specializing in capturing detail and natural movement. It is beautiful! You can see her work at


Office & Compliance Manager
Mom’s Group Co-Leader
Herb Guru

“Hi, I’m Jacki. I am so excited to be working with Dr. Jill. My passion is helping others find ways to improve their health, and engage in life building habits. I come from a background in retail, heading-up the natural supplement departments at Sprouts and Central Market. I loved being able to talk about little known herbs and supplements that can really transform someone’s life. I am a researcher, and I love learning new things. I also love sharing that knowledge with those it can help most!

I am also a new mom. I don’t think I really knew what my purpose was until I had my sweet girl. She has given me a whole new field to research, learn and explore. I’m finding new things to share every day.

I hope that I will be able to know you, and lend some of my learning with you and your family.